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Are you looking for an affordable used car?

  • We have a selection of used cars in good condition that are affordably priced as if you were buying from the owner directly. They also come with a long-term warranty (exceptions apply).

  • All cars have passed our 108-point inspection process.

    We offer you a replacement car free of charge if the car you purchased from us breaks down.


 Click here to view the vehicle list of the Select Line

Certified Used Car Line

Are you looking for a car that commands high resale value and gives you peace of mind?

  • We have a selection of quality used cars purchased through AutoBank’s independent network.

  • Choose from 1998 or newer cars driven less than 150,000 miles. 

  • Each car has a clean title.

  • Our experienced inspectors have certified the cars as having no history of frame damage. 

  • All cars have passed our 108-point inspection process, and their consumables and supplies have been duly replaced. 

  • Every car comes with a full warranty.


 Click here to view the vehicle list of the Certified Used Car Line.


The KIWAMI Line consists of our top picks among the certified used cars that meet the following standards and come with our ultimate maintenance plan.

Qualified Cars : Camry, Accord, Corolla, Civic, Prius, Insghit, Yaris, Versa, Fit,
 Echo, xA, xB, xD, Rav4, CR-V, Highlander, Sienna, Odyssey

・Clean Car Fax Report

・Less 3 owners
・Less 120,00 Miles

Full Cover Warranty plus following Maintenance Plan
Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Brake Pad & Rotor, Air Filter, Belt, Wiper Blades, Cabin Filter, Diagnosis Check Engine Light, Light Bulb, Free Rent a Car for Repair, Free Towing (Up to 100 Miles). 

 Click here to view the vehicle list of the KIWAMI Car Line. 

Up to 3 years warranty

3 Year Warranty : Newer than 2008, Less 40000 Miles.
2 Year Warranty : 2004-2007 year made, Less 80000 Miles.        

1 Year Warranty : 2000-2007 year made, Less than 120000 Miles.

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