Company G
New 2012 Civic (lease)

We were bringing a new business from Japan and needed to lease a few cars. We saw an ad for Auto Bank and gave them a call. They immediately got back to us with estimates from several manufacturers, explaining both the positives and negatives of the different types of leases out there. The information was extremely helpful, and allowed us to get some cars ready right away. The maintenance and office pickup services are also incredibly convenient. We will definitely continue to do business with Auto Bank.

J Company
2004 Sienna

We had always used Auto Bank to handle the maintenance on our company cars, so when we expanded our business to San Francisco we asked Auto Bank to help us find cars for the new location. They had them ready almost immediately. However, since we were so busy with the opening we didn’t have anyone who could drive them up there – but Auto Bank happily agreed to deliver them. I don’t have the words to thank you. Our business will definitely continue to rely on Auto Bank.

Mr. & Mrs. Y
New 2012 Prius C

We were trying to find a used Prius to use as our second family car, but after going back and forth we finally decided on a new Prius C. Auto Bank helped us with our search from the very beginning. The Prius C had just been released, and was selling out so quickly that none of the dealers nearby had any in stock – but Auto Bank used its network to find us the exact color and package that we were looking for. Our whole family is delighted with it. We’ll definitely call Auto Bank if we need anything in the future.

Mr. Hiro
2004 Toyota Sienna

Some friends told us about Auto Bank, so we decided to give it a try. Just as they promised, it felt like the staff really cared most about what was best for us. Now we’re total Auto Bank fans ourselves. It's a bit of a drive between Torrance and San Jose, but if we need anything in the future I’ll definitely call on them. Best regards.

Mr. K.O.
Rancho Palos Verdes
2004 Mazda 6 Wagon

I have lived in the US several times and had my own vehicles, so I had a pretty good idea of what it was like to own a car in America. This time I came over with my wife and kids, so I was careful about choosing the right car. I looked at independent sellers, other used car dealers, and the major dealerships, but nothing really matched up to the kind of car I was used to in Japan. I paid a visit to Auto Bank, and I could tell by the good-looking cars on the lot that it was different. That and their full maintenance services made me seriously consider buying from them. The warranties finally convinced me, and I ended up buying both of my family cars here. What made the decision for me was having a warranty that covered all of my repairs if anything went wrong, which is important in a country where you need to drive your used vehicle long distances –  and not something that the other dealers were offering. I expected a Japanese company to be pricey, but the costs were reasonable and I’m satisfied overall. My office happens to be nearby, and it’s nice to know that they’ll come pick up the car if I need work done.