Ms. Kobayakawa
Santa Monica
2000 Honda Accord EX

I first heard about Auto Bank from someone I knew. I had never bought a car before and didn’t know anything about it, so I was a bit nervous. But the staff at Auto Bank took the time to patiently explain everything to me, and I ended up getting a much better car than I thought I would while still staying within my budget. I’m so happy with it. My Honda is so much more than I would have imagined for the price, and so easy to drive. I really love it! Even when it had some trouble, they happily took care of it for me and I’m so grateful. Thanks, Auto Bank!

Ms. Kojima
2001 Toyota Echo

A friend told me about Auto Bank, saying that they had good customer service and reasonable prices. They patiently answered all my questions – and I had a lot of them since I had just gotten to the US. I ended up asking for advice on things that didn’t have much to do with the car, and even had them help me with the insurance paperwork and joining AAA. They were so helpful! The car I bought is a little older, but they did maintenance on everything before they sold it to me and threw in an extensive one-year warranty. I don’t have to worry about anything. If I ever have any problems, I have no doubt that Auto Bank will be there.

Ms. S
2006 Nissan Sentra

Auto Bank worked so hard to find a car I wanted that was in my price range, and I’m so thankful. The staff were always kind to me, so I would feel comfortable trusting them with repairs or anything else I need. I work during the week, so if I do need work done, their pickup and delivery service will be so convenient. I’ll see you again soon!