Mr. T.M.
Culver City
2006 Toyota Prius

I recently bought a car from Auto Bank. It took two months to get it, but I was adamant about getting a Prius that fit my budget. Takahashi-san listened to my endless requests about model year, mileage, color, and everything else, and even went with me to the DMV to get my license first thing in the morning to accommodate my work schedule. He was always kind to me and never complained. Auto Bank also let me drive a loaner vehicle for two months while we were waiting for my car. When my Prius came in, the windshield was damaged, and in order to get it fixed in time, they came to my office first thing in the morning to pick it up, replaced the windshield, and had it back to me before I left work. They handled everything so quickly. I’m fortunate to have been able to buy the car I wanted from a dealer I can really trust. Takahashi-san, thank you so much for everything you did for me. I know you’ll be there for me if I ever need anything!